All IFC students are required to

wear full Team IFC or Team Passos Gi to every class.


A white Team IFC or Team Passos Gi

must be worn in all Fundamental and beginner classes at the academy. The white

Gi represents the following:

o   Purity: Living

a clean life and trying to be your best for yourself and family.

o   Avoidance

of ego:  Keeping the beginner mindset of white belt and white Gi vastly


o   Simplicity

and social class: The white Gi is simple, the uniformity brings ALL together

regardless of who they are or their status.


All No-Gi students are required to

wear a Team IFC rash guard and Team IFC shorts.


A colored Gi is only allowed for

intermediate and advanced students (by invitation).


Gi must always be clean, with no

rips, tears, holes, or stains.


Wash your Gi after every class. No



All jewelry, piercings, necklaces,

eyeglasses, and other items should be removed during training to avoid injury.


Long hair must be tied back, nails

must be clipped, hands and feet must be clean.

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