1. Always be respectful

2. Never step on the mat with your shoes on.

3. Always wear shoes or flip-flops when you are not on the mat so that your

feet remain clean when you are on the mat.

4. Students may change only in the changing rooms or the restrooms.

5. Do not interfere in any way with any class in progress.

6. If you are late, wait outside the mat until the instructor gives you

permission to join.

7. Do not leave the mat without permission from the instructor. If you must

leave the mat in an emergency, please make every effort to notify your

training partner or another student so they may alert the instructor.

8. Sparring is always optional. It is allowed only with instructor approval and

with full protective gear, including a mouth guard.

9. Absolutely no coaching your children or other students during class.

10. When the instructor is demonstrating a technique, every student must sit

or stand in good posture.

11. Talking should be kept to a minimum and relate to the class subject.

12. No foul language is permitted inside the academy.

13. You must always wear a shirt or rash guard inside the academy.

14. Your uniform and equipment must be clean at all times. A dirty uniform is

a sign of disrespect.

15. Be respectful towards your training partners.

16. All jewelry, piercings, necklaces, eyeglasses and other items should be

removed during training.

17. No electronic devices are allowed on the mat.

18. No food, or drinks are allowed on the mat.

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